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Well I am new to this community and I thought I would introduce myself as well...I love sports but my favorite is Volleyball...My name is Christine Sly and I am 22 Years Old...I have been playing volleyball for a good majority of my life I started playing church ball and then moved up the ladder to high school and then a little college...I haven't played in a couple of years, well ever since I got married which was 3 years ago...But I still love to watch, even though I would rather be playing... I actually had the opportunity to play this last Saturday, I played outdoors and we ended up taking first place in our division, but man I sure got my butt kicked...We played for 8 hours straight, well with a couple of breaks inbetween...I am still sore and it's Tuesday! Plus, I got sunburned like you wouldn't believe, so I am still feeling the effects of that... Well anyway I just thought I would share!
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I just joined the community too! We both like volleyball. =)
Yeah I use to eat, sleep and live volleyball..But unfortuately those days are over...I am married now =) I still play a little here and a little there...but not as much as I would like... I also use to coach High School but that was diffcult just because of the age I was dealing with..The only good thing is I was about the same age as the girls so we had a connection right away...